Course Fees

Hypnotherapy Practitioner Course

£2650.00 in total with a deposit of £430.00 plus 12 x £185.00 or 24 x £92.50 monthly instalments (20 days/10 weekends)

The Hypnotherapy Practitioner Course can be paid for in instalments over either a one-year or a two-year period and if the full fee is paid prior to the start date of this course a discount of 10% will apply.

For the Hypnotherapy Practitioner Course an initial deposit as specified above will be required when a course booking is made with the first direct debit instalment or balance being due on the 10th of each month when the course starts.

Hypnotherapy Conversion Course

£810.00 in total with a deposit of £210.00 plus 3 x £200.00 instalments (6 days/2 weekends)

continuing professional development courses

£135.00 (1 day)
£270.00 (2 days/1 weekend)

Hypnotic Art Practitioner course

£540.00 in total with a deposit of £140.00 plus 2 x £200 instalments (4 days/2 weekends)

Six-DAY Teaching & Training SKILLS COURSE

£810.00 in total with a deposit of £210.00 plus 3 x £200.00 instalments (6 days/3 weekends)

Supervisory Skills Course

£270.00 (2 days/1 weekend)

Cancellation Terms

Cancellations can be made up to 21 days in advance of the starting date of any course although an administrative charge of £125.00 will be levied. Any cancellation made with less than 21 days’ notice will mean your initial deposit will be forfeited in full.

Course Booking

Courses in Gloucestershire

Contact Jacquelyne Morison

01451 820441


Courses in Dorset-Wiltshire

Contact Kirsty Wick

01722 680159


Courses in east Sussex

Contact Bradley Dearman

07717 030002


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