Charlotte Chalkley talks to Jacquelyne Morison

About Charlotte Chalkley

Charlotte practices in Las Galletas in Tenerife and sees clients both face-to-face and online. Charlotte was born and raised in Essex and after a rebellious and traumatic childhood she decided that surely life could be better. In 2000 Charlotte went to Australia and did a year of soul-searching and counselling. She qualified in BSc(Hons) Psychology with Criminology and went directly on to her professional diploma in analytical psychotherapy and hypnotherapy with Jacquelyne. Since qualifying Charlotte has worked with children, adolescents and adults alike.

How did you feel at the prospect of undertaking a course in Analytical Hypnotherapy?

Excited! I had received analytical hypnotherapy myself so I knew the benefits of it.

At the time I also felt nervous and wondered whether I really could become a therapist and if I really could help others to change their lives.

I, like so many other people in this world, have had a turbulent life but decided that there must be a better way. In 2000 I spent a year in Australia learning about myself and the human race. When I came back to the UK I was excited about my future and wanted to pass on my knowledge and experience to others who may have concerns and worries of their own. I was at peace with myself and wanted to bring that peace of mind to anyone who may be in need.

How did you feel when you finally qualified?

Super excited! Now was my chance to help change lives.

Nervous because I wasn’t sure if I really could do it! Now I had to put it into practise.

What do you enjoy most about practising as an Analytical Hypnotherapist?

People coming into their session and saying “Charlotte, I am OK! I can do what I need to do and I am not afraid anymore. I don’t need to come again.”

Also people having realisations throughout their therapy and holding the space for them so that they can deal with what they need to deal with safely and naturally.

What are your plans and prospects for the future of your career?

To grow! To be able to access people on a global scale. Build more online courses, create webinars, seminars and retreats.

My purpose is to create a realm for all mankind to discover who they are and their purpose.

I will do that by being conscious of my life and “life” and to share that consciousness by self-practise, coaching, teaching and compassion.

Charlotte can be contacted in Tenerife at 0034 654 931886 and through her website at