Hypnotherapy Practitioner Course

Five trainees completed the Hypnotherapy Practitioner Course in June and left the course with a feeling of optimism and enthusiasm for their future practice.

The Hypnotherapy Practitioner Course provides delegates with the tools to understand the workings of the client’s inner mind, to utilise a variety of therapeutic techniques and to acquire the confidence to run a busy practice with sincerity, imagination and inspiration built on a secure foundation.

The Hypnotherapy Practitioner Course with Jacquelyne Morison Hypnotherapy Training covers hypnotherapy techniques for induction, deepening and termination of the hypnotic state together with methodology for relaxation, creative visualisation, metaphorical imagery and guided imagery. The course in addition considers psychodynamic practice in order to unearth the originating cause of the client’s presenting symptoms so that, once brought to light, the client can easily be invited to resolve any underlying dilemma which may be fuelling symptoms.

This all-embracing course also considers the humanistic angle whereby the practitioner will believe that the client possesses everything within his/her mind which is needed for the resolution of presenting disorders. Aspects of gestalt practice, inner child practice and cognitive-behavioural practice are brought into the equation in order to complete the eclectic picture of this course.

The qualified practitioner can emerge with insight, inspiration and confidence and his/her practice will then flourish because of being able to handle a full range of client disorders.

The key factor which is the hallmark of the analytical hypnotherapeutic approach – and which sets it apart from the rest – is that all practitioners must undertake their own in-depth personal therapy as a prerequisite to attaining qualified status.