Supervisory Skills

JMHT ran a course for practitioners who wish to supervise the work of other hypnotherapy professionals or other alternative therapy practitioners.

The Supervisory Skills Course, which is accredited by ACCPH, is a two-day course for those with a considerable degree of working experience which they wish to share with others. The course investigates the supervisor’s remit, focuses on a full appreciation of the relationship between the supervisee and his/her client and examines a myriad of supervisory methodology.

Three practising therapists attended the course as practice clients for the supervisory trainees and both parties benefited greatly from the experience.

The Supervisory Skills Course is now a regular feature of the JMHT schedule and will run annually in May.

Jacquelyne Morison has special expertise in this important area of clinical practice because she has been a National Council of Psychotherapy (NCP) accredited Supervisory Skills Training Provider since 2001.