Teaching and Training Skills

A seminar was recently run at Jacquelyne Morison Hypnotherapy Training in Gloucestershire in the UK for hypnotherapy teachers and trainers with delegates from the UK and Spain.

The Teaching and Training Skills course is a three-weekend course for senior practitioners which covers a wide variety of topics from the psychological principles of teaching, the theories of learning and how to apply a variety of techniques in practice which can engage, inspire and motivate the learner. The course also views the learner as an individual who will exhibit different learning needs so that the trainer can be attuned to and can cater adequately for learners in a nurturing learning environment.

This certificated Teaching and Training Skills course would be of interest to anyone who is involved in the teaching and training of professionals within the alternative therapy field. Teachers of massage, reiki, reflexology and healing, to name but a few, would be ideal candidates for such a course which is tailored to meet the needs of the alternative therapy profession because Jacquelyne Morison has an in-depth understanding of the requirements of this unique industry.

Jacquelyne Morison, who is currently completing a Post-Graduate Certificate in Education from Birmingham City University, conducted this course as a result of the research which she has recently undertaken in connection with her studies.

Teaching activity on the Teaching and Training Skills course comprised research, group presentations and group interaction within a training session, plenary discussion, discovery learning and self-investigation. Two of the training sessions were viewed by Jacquelyne’s colleagues at the International College of Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy (ICHP) in Germany who were able to participate and to provide valuable feedback for the course participants.

The teachers on the course – all of whom are experienced trainers in their field – felt that they had been given an opportunity to stand back and to look objectively at their teaching practice, their teaching philosophy and their personal approach to the inspiring work of teaching others in a profession which really matters in our deeply troubled world.

Delegates on the Teaching and Training Skills course had also previously participated in the Supervisory Skills course also run by Jacquelyne Morison Hypnotherapy Training.

Both the Teaching and Training Skills course and the Supervisory Skills course have been these courses have been accredited by Accredited Counsellors, Coaches, Psychotherapists and Hypnotherapists. The ACCPH is an independent professional body and register for counsellors, coaches, psychotherapists and hypnotherapists. All ACCPH accreditation of courses and training will be of the highest standard and will closely follow the level benchmarks set by Ofqual, the Open and Distance Learning Quality Council or similar bodies.

Jacquelyne Morison is the author of Hypnotherapy Teaching, Training and Supervision – a work which has received wide acclaim among teaching professionals and is inspired by Jacquelyne’s love of teaching and her wish to advocate its importance within the alternative therapy profession.

Course details for both the Teaching and Training Skills course and the Supervisory Skills course can be obtained from Jacquelyne Morison Hypnotherapy Training.