Course Overview

The Eye-Movement Therapy Course is a  CPD course which will examine Eye-Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) and Eye-Movement Integration Therapy (EMIT) protocols for collectively resolving a comprehensive range of the client’s stressful-traumatic disorders.

Course Structure

1 day

Free unlimited telephone supervision for life with the course tutor following successful completion of the course.

Course Content

Overview of the origins of EMDR/EMIT from cognitive, gestalt & NLP roots
Nature of the stress-trauma continuum
EMT multi-stage protocols & treatment-strategy guidelines
Client preparation & process monitoring using cognitive, emotive & sensory assessment scales
Finger-movement techniques using EMDR procedures & NLP eye-accessing cues
Integrating EMT into existing practice methodology

Course Fee


Course Dates

Dates to be announced

Course Tutors

Bradley Dearman East Sussex
Kirsty Wick Dorset/Wiltshire
Jacquelyne Morison Gloucestershire/Oxfordshire


David Garner

Dover Court Hypnotherapy Essex

Thank you once again for a really momentous day yesterday and for your kindness and the excellence of your teaching. I found the day very rewarding indeed and I am very confident that the skills I learned will significantly enhance the range of tools that I can deploy as a hypnotherapist.

Susanne Böhner

Holistic Health Coach East Sussex

It was a great pleasure to attend the JMHT CPD course in eye movement therapy. The training was incredible comprehensive, the workbook and learning materials were carefully presented and organised. The group was very intimate, allowing us to go through the material in a short space of time, having ample opportunity to practise and blend the methodology into own existing skills in a relaxed atmosphere. Jacquelyne’s insightful practise is informed by analytical hypnotherapy, which highly enhanced and added value to the training. I recommend the course to anyone who wants to develop and further their practise.

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