Hypnotherapy Conversion

Hypnotherapy Conversion Course

The Hypnotherapy Conversion Course is designed for fully qualified and practising professionals in related psychotherapy and counselling disciplines.

The Hypnotherapy Conversion Course is a four-day course run over two weekends which will allow practitioners to explore the use of hypnotherapy as an adjunct to their existing psychotherapy or counselling practice. The course will be most suitable for practitioners in the psychodynamic, humanistic, transpersonal and integrative fields.

The course will be conducted over two weekends as a continuing professional development qualification and a certificate to this effect will be issue to all participants. It would also be advisable for all course delegates to experience some degree of analytical hypnotherapy as an integral part of the training programme.

A graduate of the Hypnotherapy Conversion Course will be entitled to free unlimited telephone supervision for life with the course tutor following successful completion of both levels of the course.

Course Outline

Understanding Therapeutic Hypnosis

Historical overview of hypnotherapy
The purpose & benefits of therapeutic hypnosis

Utilising Hypnotherapy

The role of the practitioner
Professional codes of conduct, standards of practice & legal requirements
Practitioner-client commitment & duty of client-care
Client confidentiality & sanctuary
Creating the ideal therapeutic environment
Effective client communication, setting boundaries & fostering rapport
Confidential case-notetaking & record-keeping
Client needs-assessment, evaluation & monitoring
Dovetailing hypnotherapy into psychodynamic, humanistic, transpersonal & integrative practice

Hypnotherapeutic Methodology

The role of hypnosis in therapeutic intervention
Inducing, deepening & terminating trance states
Direct & permissive approaches to therapeutic intervention
Physical & mental relaxation
Metaphors & guided imagery
Suggestion & post-hypnotic suggestion
Self-hypnosis & meditative states
Free association, pinpointing & ideomotor questioning
Time-line techniques
Inner child techniques
Inner adviser techniques

Understanding Psychological Distress

The fight-flight-freeze response to stress
The physiological effects of stress
Distress & symptom manifestation

Treatment Regimes & Strategies

Stress management
Weight management
Smoking cessation
Pain management
Confidence boosting & performance enhancement
Fear & anxiety disorders – anxiety, phobias, habit disorders & personality disorders
Guilt & shame disorders
Sorrow & grief disorders – grief, bereavement & depressive disorders
Anger & rage disorders
Psychosomatic disorders
Dysfunctional relationships
Post-traumatic stress
Childhood abuse, neglect, abandonment

Working with the Unconscious Mind

Working with the distressed client
Perception, cathartic disclosure, insight & resolution
Memory processes & memory access
Defensive strategies
Dreams & symbolic imagery
Current-life & past-life regression techniques

Recommended Reading

Books by Jacquelyne Morison:
Creative Analytical Hypnotherapy
Analytical Hypnotherapy Volume 1: Theoretical Principles
Analytical Hypnotherapy Volume 2: Practical Applications
The Truly Dynamic Therapist

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