Hypnotherapy Taster

Hypnotherapy Taster Course

The Hypnotherapy Taster Course is a one-day introductory course for the prospective hypnotherapy practitioner who may be contemplating taking the full Hypnotherapy Practitioner Course.

The Hypnotherapy Taster Course will offer a taste-and-try overview of what hypnotherapy entails and an introduction to the way in which full practitioner status can be achieved. An opportunity to practice and experience hypnosis will be an integral part of the course and full course notes will be provided for the trainee.

Course Overview

The Stress-Trauma Phenomenon

Overview of the stress-trauma response & its effect
Symptomatic patterns of anger, fear & grief

Hypnotherapeutic Methodology

Overview of analytical & clinical hypnotherapy
Physical & imaginative relaxation techniques
Inducing & terminating the hypnotic state
Hypnotherapy & therapeutic intervention
Self-hypnosis & meditative states
Observable trance phenomena
The role of the practitioner & the client

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