Hypnotic Art Therapy

Hypnotic Art Therapy Course

Course Overview

The Hypnotic Art Therapy Course is a CPD course which will explore the client’s symbolic imagery and non-verbal intelligence for directly accessing the inner mind with creative drawing and writing methodology.

Course Structure

1 day

Course Content

Accessing the client’s symbolic imagery & non-verbal intelligence
Exploring symbolic imagery with hypnotic drawing & writing
Accessing the client’s inner mind, releasing inhibitions & expanding horizons
Working one-to-one & with groups for both adults & children
Tailoring hypnotic interventions for client preparation & imagery interpretation
Exploring personal, archetypal & dream imagery
Combining HAT techniques with dream analysis, inner child work, therapeutic re-enactment, regression & time-line techniques
Working with relationship difficulties, debased self-concept & inner conflict
Integrating HAT into existing practice methodology

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Recommended Reading

Books by Jacquelyne Morison:
Hypnotic Art Therapy: The Practitioner’s Handbook

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