Creative Analytical Hypnotherapy: The Practitioner’s Handbook

Jacquelyne Morison

9780992997335A creative approach to Analytical Hypnotherapy will enable you to practice hypnotherapy as a psychotherapeutic and stress-trauma resolution discipline. Your role as a practitioner will be to creatively facilitate your client’s self-investigation in order to empower her to successfully negotiate her unique therapeutic journey.

Creative Analytical Hypnotherapy: The Practitioner’s Handbook has been designed for those who wish to become thoroughly familiar with hypnotherapeutic-psychotherapeutic methodology and to acquire the fundamental skills and knowledge in order to help your client with any stressful-traumatic psychological ailments. This book contains a myriad of hypnotic-text examples, practice guides and case-study examples in order to crystallize your thoughts about your client’s journey and to provide you with thought-provoking practice ideals.

Creative Analytical Hypnotherapy: The Practitioner’s Handbook will also be invaluable for enhancing your self-understanding and your personal insight by endeavouring to deepen your appreciation of hypnotherapy and, in particular, the hypno-analytic process so that you can handle even the most distressing instances of human suffering with confidence and certainty of professional success in full-time practice. For the practising therapist or trainee practitioner who wishes to possess a fully comprehensive kitbag and to work with dedication, insight and sincerity the practice of Analytical Hypnotherapy will be, without doubt, the obvious first choice.

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Analytical Hypnotherapy Volume 1: Theoretical Principles

Jacquelyne Morison

Untitled-1This volume effectively identifies the client’s innermost conflicts with the goal of resolving them and releasing the client’s full potential. It provides a unique investigation into the way that the analytical approach has influenced a range of current therapeutic philosophies, presenting the ultimate means of treating even the most challenging therapeutic disorders.

It examines aspects of humanistic thinking and cognitive strategies which concentrate on activating the client’s inner resources and unconscious mind. It offers practical guidance on the application of effective therapeutic investigation using hypnosis as well as presenting numerous case studies that cover transference and counter-transference, defensive strategies, dreams and symbolic imagery and therapeutic investigation. This book is a comprehensive guide to the theoretical principles of analytical hypnotherapy.

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Analytical Hypnotherapy Volume 2: Practical Applications

Jacquelyne Morison

AH2This sequel to Volume 1 presents the clinical practitioner with the practical applications of analytical hypnotherapy. An eminently practical and comprehensive book, it provides a clear and all-embracing study of the subject, removing any mystery surrounding the practice and bringing analytical hypnotherapy into the mainstream of clinical techniques.

In-depth case studies and client profiles cover cutting-edge research areas, including fear and anxiety disorders, sorrow and grief disorders, anger and rage disorders and the nature of childhood abuse.

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The Truly Dynamic Therapist

Jacquelyne Morison

The Truly Dynamic TherapistThe Truly Dynamic Therapist will take you as an alternative practitioner on a voyage of self-questioning and thought-provoking analysis of yourself, your life, your work and your clientele.

This book examines the role and nature of alternative therapy and complementary medicine, the relationship that you will form with yourself as an individual, the way in which you will interact with your client and the nitty-gritty of launching and keeping your practice afloat. Become a natural catalyst for transformation, face your inner demons of fear, burnout and self-compromise, avoid the pitfalls of self-criticism, self-judgment, self-blame and perfectionism, gain insight into the workings of your client’s mind and listen to your client as an astute observer.

The Truly Dynamic Therapist contains contributions from over 120 alternative practitioners all of whom have faced a multiplicity of problems as trainee, fledgling and/or seasoned professional and collectively these contributors represent over 50 different therapeutic disciplines.

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Hypnotic Art Therapy: The Practitioner’s Handbook

Jacquelyne Morison

HATCoverImageHypnotic Art Therapy is a methodology which will allow your client to unravel his psychic stressful-traumatic experience in a creative manner utilizing imagery and symbolism in preference to the spoken word.

With Hypnotic Art Therapy your client may employ any combination of artwork, craftwork or written-work in order to access his psychic distress. Your client, therefore, can utilize any form of drawing, painting, craft-working, story-writing, poetry-writing and letter-writing. This methodology can appeal to your client particularly if he exhibits any artistic inclination although, if not, it should be clearly emphasized that no artistic skill, experience or talent will be at all necessary.

Hypnotic Art Therapy can be used either as a stand-alone methodology or dovetailed neatly into any psychodynamic, humanistic or cognitive practice in order to enhance your repertoire of skills and preferences.

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Gold Counselling Analytical & Creative Transformation

Georges Philips & Lyn Philips

CoberBookGold Counselling Analytical and Creative Transformation is one of the most effective, efficient and powerful methodologies for uncovering the framework of emotively charged beliefs in your client’s mind combined with persuasive and provocative techniques for mind-expansion.

This book will empower you, as a working professional, to understand the function of the mind, the power of beliefs and how such beliefs will shape your client’s total existence. This book will also enable you to fully appreciate the way in which beliefs are formed, the role of perception and how an entire belief structure can exert an unshakeable influence on your client’s psyche, behaviours, motivations and life direction.

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