Jacquelyne Morison Hypnotherapy Training provides hypnotherapy training courses based largely on psychodynamic principles for both prospective practitioners and working professionals held in Gloucestershire, Dorset-Wiltshire and East Sussex in the UK.

The Analytic Approach

Analytical Hypnotherapy or Hypno-Analysis is a psychotherapeutic and stress-trauma resolution therapeutic approach – based largely on psychodynamic and humanistic methodology – which Jacquelyne Morison has pioneered and promoted since she first began practising over 20 years ago.

The analytic approach focuses on dealing with the underlying originat­ing cause of the client’s dstress by providing a deeply investigative therapeutic environment. This practice means not merely treating the client’s symptoms superficially or providing a method of coping with life’s problems but actually handling cases of intense psychological malaise by resolving dilemmas naturally and effortlessly at the root of the problem. The client can thus deal with distressing conditions, such as really deep-seated fears, crippling anxieties, stubborn habit disorders, low confidence, stressful-traumatic experience manifestations, relationship difficulties, grief-bereavement issues and the devastating effects of childhood abuse, neglect and abandonment.

Analytical Hypnotherapy can, of course, still equally be applied to relatively simple problems for which hypnotherapy is popularly renown, such as weight control, smoking cessation and pain management, without inferring that hypnotherapy is a quick-fix methodology and, thereby, giving the profession a disreputable name.

For the professional or the would-be professional who wishes to possess a fully comprehensive kitbag and to work with dedication, insight and sincerity, analytical hypnotherapy is, without doubt, the obvious first choice. Jacquelyne’s books have been read by all echelons of the hypnotherapeutic and psychotherapeutic profession as well as many other interested parties both at home and abroad – if you are one of these readers then why not now come and get the tee-shirt!

Hypnotherapy Practitioner Training

The Hypnotherapy Practitioner Course is intended for the prospective clinical professional who aspires to practice as a fully-qualified practitioner of psychodynamic and humanistic hypnotherapy as a psychotherapeutic and stress-trauma resolution discipline.

Continuing Professional Development Training

Continuing Professional Development courses are provided for qualified and experienced practitioners of hypno-psychotherapy. Continuing professional development courses are conducting in Eye-Movement Therapy, Gold Counselling, Hypnobirthing, Hypnotic Art Therapy, Psycho-Spiritual Therapy and Therapy for Children & Minors.

Diploma in Clinical & Analytical Hypnotherapy Studies

The Diploma in Clinical & Analytical Hypnotherapy Studies (designatory initials DCAHS) will be awarded to the hypnotherapy practitioner who has been in full-time practice for more than 3 years after completing the Hypnotherapy Practitioner Course and who has also completed continuing professional development courses with JMHT amounting to six days or more.

Diploma in Teaching, Training & Supervision Skills

The Diploma in Teaching, Training & Supervision Studies (designatory initials DTTSS) will be awarded to the course participant who has completed both the Teaching and Training Skills Course and the Supervisory Skills Course.

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